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As I fight for the inalienable right to get turnt on a heady combo of Nerd Rope Edibles and hubris and ransack the seat of the legislative branch of the federal government, I know that I go up against the laws of man. These are flimsy constructs in opposition to the greater good I serve, but give my enemies cause to imprison me. Though they may lock up my body they can never hold my spirit, which soars beyond the confines of my cage!

While my body is held, however, it must be a respectful and generous incarceration, making allowance…

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You ever get a good whiff of something and it takes you back? It might be the smell of freshly washed sheets hanging on the line, or the perfume of jasmine blooming in the moonlight that you sneak past toting a bag of apples that the owner of that tree is never gonna miss, or the rich, thick smokiness of flames rising like the Holy Spirit from a cross that burns in the new family’s yard. …

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This picture tried to order seven Vegas bombs at one time, for itself.

This picture called me “little lady” and expected me to like it.

This picture has no idea who is telling a non-compliant Zach De La Rocha what to do, but sings along on the “fuck you” parts.

This picture thinks it can dance.

This picture told me four times it was going to take good care of me then left me $15 on a $145 tab.

This picture shows off tattoos that were done in a kitchen for a 15-pack of Natural Light.

This picture is 40…

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“Man Build Dog Dig” (original)

Emerging artist Brixton Marley Brennan enters the contemporary art world with a bang, and lots and lots of bite, with a thought-provoking showing of new works which continue to transform before our eyes.

Eschewing the gallery scene to exhibit instead within a private home, the centerpiece of this collection is “Man Build Dog Dig”. A 6 inch x 6 inch masterpiece exploring the temporary quality of man-made structures against nature, this visionary work is a stunning indictment of US immigration policies in which the artist proclaims his dissatisfaction with the construction of one wall by tearing down another. …

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The morning after the first Presidential debate, my feed continues the trend began the night before, in which friends express outrage, frustration, anxiety and disgust with the words of the seated president, the lack of assertion of the would-be Commander In Chief, the inefficacy of the moderator. Last night there were bingo cards with no prizes- not even satisfaction- for winners, and drinking games guaranteeing momentary oblivion with a chaser of liver damage.

Folks blustered and blurted and wailed and “ugh!”ed along, in real time and unison like a well-schooled audience at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening circa 1985…

You might have seen me

Last week

On Tuesday night on Ellsworth Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the calm of the evening is split by the arrival of a fleet of police vehicles. A dozen or so cars and motorcycles, all sound and fury, lights erupting like explosions, sirens wailing in painful clamor, burst down a street otherwise serene to disrupt it with turmoil.

The tranquility they destroy isn’t rooted in emptiness or quiet, but the opposite. This writer witnesses this agitation while at work, seating a group of four at a table on a well-populated sidewalk. On this side of…

In March of 2016, then WTAE-TV news anchor Wendy Bell wrote a Facebook post on a page accessible not just to friends and fam, but fans and anyone else. In this she offered her unsolicited theories on the perpetrators of a backyard party shooting which killed five people, and for which no one had yet been arrested.

Bell posited, “They are young black men, likely in their teens or in their early 20s. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system before. They’ve grown up there. They know…

An unknown band looking to shoot an edgy, feisty video for their latest song found themselves the perfect, budget-friendly, labor-light way- piggyback off an existing event for which someone else had already done all the legwork.

Civil Saturdays are a weekly event in Pittsburgh, PA created by Black, Young, and Educated, an organization formed to educate minority youth on topics that affect their everyday lives, to give them better/more accessible opportunities, more productive things to attend in Pittsburgh, and support for anything they will need. …

“Not Knowing If They’ll Come Home”- The Unintentional Insight Of Melania Trump

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The second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention featured speaker after speaker who had the listener either screaming with outrage at how brazenly lies fell unchecked out of toothy grinning mouths, or puzzling over how it could be possible to have a professional script writer put your words together for you yet still be utterly fucking incomprehensible. …

The White House Rose Garden, edging the Oval Office and West Wing, was instituted by First Lady Ellen Louise Axson Wilson in 1913. Throughout its history it has been used by multiple presidents for press conferences, to receive guests, to hold events and host ceremonies. While often utilized formally, it’s been used personally and privately as well, frequently employed as a quiet, contemplative space to work and think by past presidents who were interested in things like contemplation and thought.

It underwent a significant redesign in 1961 during the Kennedy administration. Crabapples and lindens brought vertical interest; thyme and…

Lissa Brennan

is a Pittsburgh-based journalist, playwright, and theater artist who writes about social justice, visual art, travel, and her dog.

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